BONUS πρώτου δελτίου 100% για εγγραφές από 02/08/2021 και μετά  Το μέγιστο ποσό της επιβράβευσης μπορεί να ανέλθει στο ποσό των 5€.

100% first slip BONUS for registrations as of 02.08.2021

The maximum reward amount may be up to €5.

  1. OPAP S.A. implements a players’ reward program. Rewards, gifts and special benefits deriving from such programs aim at rewarding the players of Rewarding is performed according to criteria that are linked to the gaming behavior of registered players, and are applied in a uniform manner, observing the principle of equal treatment, and, in any case, no rewards are awarded to particular players in terms different from those based on which rewards are awarded to other players.
  2. Players’ reward programs address only players over 21 years of age, who have successfully completed the registration process and have implicitly consented to the receipt of commercial communication, as well as to the processing of their playing behavior, in the framework of the reward program.
  3. The beneficiaries of gifts and special benefits, occurring either following the conduct of a draw or without the conduct of such draw, shall be notified of them and of the way of their delivery via personalized SMS or telephone communication at the mobile phone submitted upon their registration.
  4. The maximum bonus that a player may receive is €5. Example: In the first slip the player submits at as of the receipt of the reward, he/she shall receive 100% of the value of the said slip in the form of an amount in his/her account. For a slip of a value higher than €5 (e.g. €10), the reward shall amount to €5. For a slip of a value lower than €5 (e.g. €4), he/she shall receive a reward of the equal value of €4. If the player submits more than one slips, he/she shall NOT receive equal amount of bonuses. The reward concerns exclusively the value of the first slip to be submitted during the offer.
  5. The bonus shall be credited to the electronic account of the player at, automatically upon the placement of the first slip as of the entry into force of the reward program bonus as part of the reward scheme, he/she shall contact the Customer Support of and request its deactivation.
  6. Bonus amount is available for slip submission ONLY once balance of main wallet is used in total.
  7. In order for the player to be able to proceed to the withdrawal of the amount corresponding to the bonus, he/she shall have submitted slips at, the total value of which shall be equal to one time the value of the bonus.
  8. The player will have at his/her disposal a time period of 30 days as of the entry into force of the reward to meet the withdrawal conditions. If such conditions are not met within the period stipulated above, holds the right to cancel the bonus amount.
  9. Every registered player will be able to be informed on the  amount remaining to clear the bonus (so that he/she is able to withdraw it), after his/her successful sign-in to his/her personal online account on, in the section ΠΡΟΣΦΟΡΕΣ (OFFERS)
  10. holds the right to cancel the reward to registered players, if the process of verifying player accounts has not been completed.
  11. The registered players may only have one active bonus at the same time. To obtain another bonus, the active bonus shall have been used or have expired first.
  12. The rewards of are exclusively intended for players who play for fun, and it is at OPAP S.A.’s discretion and exclusive consideration to restrict the players’ right to participate in any entire reward or in any part thereof.
  13. OPAP Group employees are prohibited from participating in games that are provided online; therefore, they are not entitled to participation in players’ reward programs.
  14. OPAP S.A. may, at any time and at its absolute discretion, exclude players from participating in the reward program, given that such exclusion is justified by the entirety of the circumstances (indicatively: violation of the terms of the Agreement of Accession; if it is speculated that there is a case of behavior falling under the provisions of the legislation on money laundering and financing of terrorism; violation of provisions of the applicable legislation on the market of games of chance, etc.).
  15. OPAP S.A. may, at its absolute discretion, cancel a player’s participation in a reward program in case of doubt or of dispute with regard to the validity of the said participation.
  16. OPAP S.A. shall not be held liable for any damage a player may suffer due to a reason that does not fall under the competences of OPAP S.A. and that is linked to the player's participation in the reward program, as indicatively in cases of omission of use of any special benefit, or of non-receipt of a gift, or of non-compliance of the player with the participation terms and/or the terms of use of the reward, etc.
  17. OPAP S.A. may, at any time and at its absolute discretion, amend the participation terms and/or the terms of use of the reward program, and/or discontinue a reward program and/or part or the entirety of the individual rewards included in a reward program, and shall not be held liable for any damage that may arise as a result of the aforementioned. Therefore, the Player is obliged to regularly check the information related to the reward program, which is available in the Games Guide.
  18. The Terms and Conditions of shall apply