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Consecutive draws’ packs

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How many times have you waited for a big JACKPOT but did not have time to submit your slip? The NEW consecutive draw packages are created for you to:
  • Never miss a draw
  • Never struggle on last minute
  • Pay for your slip separately for each draw

Main Features

  • Number of draws:

    Choose the number of draws you want to participate to with the same ticket. The total amount of the ticket is charged at the moment of the deposit.

  • Monthly package:

    Choose the time period you want to participate with the same ticket. Each ticket is charged and submitted separately before each draw.

  • JACKPOT amount package:

    Participate with the same ticket in every draw, when the JACKPOT Amount is equal or bigger than the amount you have chosen. Each ticket is charged and submitted separately before each draw.

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Monthly Packs

For 1, 3 or 6 months?

Choosing the package of 1 month/3 months/ 6 months, you deposit the same ticket for consecutive draws and:

  • Never miss any draw for the month/ 3 months/ 6 months
  • Pay out the package in each draw separately
  • Modify the choice of the package with your online account.
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Do you want to participate in every draw, when the JACKPOT amount is bigger than 1.000.000 €?

Now you can by selecting the JACKPOT amount pack so as for your ticket to be submitted automatically!

  • Choose the numbers and the columns of your desire
  • Choose the “JACKPOT Amount” above which you want to participate
  • Click “SUMBIT”
  • Your ticket is saved in your profile and each time the JACKPOT amount is equal or higher than the amount of your choice, your ticket will be submitted automatically.
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