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At you will find the following exclusive benefits that will make your gaming easier and quicker:

  • Monthly subscription for automatic slip submission

    Select the period that you want to participate with the same slip (e.g. 1, 3, 6 months). The slip will be automatically submitted and paid individually in future draws.

  • Automatic slip submission based on JACKPOT amount

    Your slip will be automatically submitted when the JACKPOT amount is equal or greater than the selected amount. Every future slip will be charged and submitted individually.

  • +20 ΤΖΟΚΕR

    You can fill in all 20 TZOKER numbers with just one click and combine them with your selected numbers. You can also find the +20 toggle button at the new slip area window.

  • 12 areas in one slip

    You can fill in up to 12 areas in every TZOKER online slip. By clicking on “Select Numbers” you can add your preferred numbers. With “Quick Pick” option, random numbers are automatically selected for you (5+1).

  • Slip Resubmission

    You can find your submitted slips at homepage & by visiting Account>History>TZOKER slips section. Select «Resubmit» and your slip will be submitted again.

  • Your slip at your inbox

    You can receive your slip in your personal email in 2 ways: 1. Select "Send by email" in the message that will appear, upon successful slip submission. 2. Select My Account> History> TZOKER slips and click on the envelope icon, in the corresponding slip that you want to receive at your inbox.