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FAQ2 Transactions


In order to make a deposit you can use 6 payment methods:
1. Debit, credit or prepaid card  
2. At any OPAP store that offers tora services 
3. Bank deposit  
4. Paysafecard
5. Skrill 
6. PayPal 

You can find more information about deposit methods here

1. With IBAN
You must first verify your IBAN and your account. Upon withdrawal, the money will be deposited into an IBAN bank account, which you have selected and you can change at any time.

2. Via card (Visa / Mastercard accepted)
In order to make a withdrawal request via card, a deposit from the same card and verification of its details are required.
Note: To verify your details, you have to upload a copy of your card (Only the first 6 and the last 4 digits should be visible as well as the expiration date and the cardholder's name.)
Card copies that do not meet the above conditions will not be accepted.
The minimum withdrawal amount is 30€.

3. Via Skrill account
You have to verify your player's account first. Then we will check that the Skrill account indicated belongs to you so as to proceed with the approval of the withdrawal.
Note: For withdrawal requests more than 100€, IBAN verification is also required.
OPAP SA strives to fulfill your requests for withdrawal via your desirable transaction method. Although, in special occasions, due to security reasons and after your prompt notification, we reserve the right to suspend for a short period of time or permanently the right of use of one or more transaction methods from a player’s account.

4. Via PAYPAL:

Το make a withdrawal, you must have made a deposit with your Paypal account and your OPAP account must be verified.

Your Paypal account data must match with the data you have filled in during your registration to OPAP.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 10€ while the maximum amount per transaction is 15.000€.

The maximum amount you can deposit, depends on the limit you have set on “Responsible Gaming limits” during your registration process.

No. Any transaction costs arise from the financial institution you use to deposit or withdraw money from your account. 

Taxation of winnings is applied gradually per each slip as follows:

a) Winnings: 0-100€ - Tax free
b) Winnings: 100,01€ up to 200€ - Tax of 2,5% (on the amount exceeding 100€)
c) Winnings: 200,01€ up to 500€ - Tax of 5,0% (on the amount exceeding 200€)
d) Winnings: 500,01€ and above - Tax of 7,5% (on the amount exceeding 500€)