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FAQ8 Responsible Gaming

If you wish to reduce your limits, it will apply immediately.
If you wish to increase your limits, it requires the expiration of the period for which the restriction was set.

Example 1: On Monday you set a weekly deposit limit of 50€. Then, you change this limit to 30€/week. This change takes effect immediately.

Example 2: If you change your weekly deposit limit to 55€, then this change will take effect from Sunday 00:00:01 (Week calculation: Sunday to Saturday by definition).

You will receive a relevant notification when you reach 80% of any Responsible Gaming limit.

When you reach 100% of your time limit, you are disconnected from your account and cannot log in until this limit is reset.
Until the reset and while trying to login, you will be notified accordingly.

When you reach 100% of a loss or deposit limit, you cannot participate in TZOKER or deposit more money in your TZOKER wallet.

Example 1: If you have reached 100% of the loss limit you have set in TZOKER, you cannot play until the limit you have set expires (Daily - Weekly - Monthly).

Example 2: If you have reached 100% of the deposit limit in your TZOKER wallet, you cannot deposit more money, until the limit you have set expires (Daily - Weekly - Monthly).

Yes. Our goal is to protect our players from excessive participation in games of luck. 

For this reason, we encourage you to set your deposit, participation and loss limits before start playing. You may set daily, weekly and/or monthly limits. 
However, if you feel that you cannot control your game or you play more than you can afford to lose, we suggest you take a break from gaming by selecting the self-exclusion option.

If you believe that you, a friend or a relative of yours has a problem with excessive playing, do not hesitate to call 1114 helpline, which OPAP has created in partnership with KETHEA-ALFA to provide psychological support and advice. 

The helpline operates in complete confidentiality from Monday to Friday (09:00 to 21:00) by a fully trained staff including sociologists, social workers and psychologists. Please note that information and support are also available via email at