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FAQ2 Use of site

Use of site

No. Only people over the age of 21 have the right to use the website.

No. Only people who have internet access from the Greek territory preserve the right to participate in the site.

No. Each player is allowed to have only 1 account.

No. The site and its services are for your personal use only.

You preserve the right to close your account at any time, provided there are no outstanding debts.

The percentage that is retained is 4,5%. This percentage depends on other charges that OPAP S.A. must pay to third parties (banks, co-operators, etc.) when customers deposit money through those different channels to their electronic account.

Yes. We can suspend the operation of an account if there are suspicions that the player has acquired profits illegally or has violated the law or the conditions associated with the online account.

OPAP S.A. reserves the right to set up and implement promotional activities (permitted under Law 4002/2011). These activities are likely to change at regular intervals. For detailed information about promotions, you will be notified via the site.