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What happens during the 30-minute period between the time when playslips submission is closed (21:30) and the draw starts (approximately 22:00)?

The 30 minutes between the moment participations are completed (21:30) and the moment that the draw starts (approximately 22:00) are necessary to secure every participation (playslip) of the upcoming draw. Specifically, every participating playslip of the upcoming draw is locked in a file by a produced key number. Then, the file is sent to the Independent Control Committee’s Computerized System. Only after all data is secured and every necessary procedure is made and verified, does the Control Committee give the final go to start the draw.

How does the draw process get checked?

A series of procedures takes place in order to check and to ensure credibility and transparency of the draws. The steps are the following: 1. Draws are conducted in the presence of an Independent Draws Committee which consists of members who are defined by the Ministry of Culture. These members certify that every necessary procedure (a. final approval from Committee on Control b. test draws procedure) has been abided by to ensure the draw’s integrity. 2. Before each draw procedure starts, drums and balls are checked by the Draws Committee (DC). Specifically, test draws take place for checking the drums and two of the three available balls strings are selected randomly by DC for the main and backup drums. Balls are weighted by a high accuracy weight scale, in order to certify that any weight deviations are within manufacturer’s defined margins. 3. High accuracy weight scales, mechanical drums and balls are manufactured by internationally certified companies. 4. Checking drums and balls procedure, as well as the live draw, can be watched by anyone interested. 5. Draws are broadcasted live by a nationwide TV station – something that further ensures the procedure’s credibility.

How are the balls used in the Τzoker draws controlled?

For the security and control of the balls, a strict process is followed. The balls of the Joker game are securely kept at the draws studio, in a specially secured area guarded by modern security systems, under optimum conditions, as they are protected from external climatic or human factors. The studio is monitored 24/7 through 16 security cameras, recording every move. Accesses to the safe-keeping area have only the authorized persons and the members of the Independent Draws Committee, appointed by decision of the Minister of Culture competent for Sports.

Why the personal details of the big TZOKER winner aren’t made public? 

According to the Hellenic Data Protection Authority, the publication of any details regarding the big winner, without the said person's consent, is not allowed. OPAP, respecting the rights of the players, does not disclose any details relating to the big winner.